Enabling USE flags for "sabayonlive-tools"

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Enabling USE flags for "sabayonlive-tools"

Post by thread » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:43

The reason this has come to my attention is that I am:
1) A frequent user of net-setup
2) Accept only amd64 keywords by default (which masks out compiz-fusion so I noticed)
3) Don't want fusion stuff installed (so I don't want to unmask it)

Basically, emerging sabayonlive-tools pulls in fusion packages by default. I can overcome this by emerging "emerge --nodep --oneshot sabayon-livetools" whenever i need the new version (or after a depclean). If I don't do oneshot, world will pull in the fusion packages.

sabayonlive-tools is a great little bundle of tools, but perhaps it could be made more flexible for users with some local USE flags added to it - for starters a "compiz" flag might be useful. Even if it doesn't change the installs to begin with, it would be nice if -compiz removed the dependencies.

Perhaps in the future (with more fine-grained use flags) this little bundle of tools could be of use to non-sabayon gentooers too :)

Thanks for net-setup though. :D

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