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Post by timboellis » Thu Sep 27, 2007 0:53

Can someone give me a rough idea about cedega I have read to posts but none explaining exactly what it is .

I take it you have to pay for it and if so is it worth it.

The main reason is to play Halo 1 and Halflife games mainly for the new Orange box Steam will eb comign out with?

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Re: cedega

Post by wolfden » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:55

Please take a look at their home page for more info:

Young Hen
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Re: cedega

Post by MeaCulpa » Fri Sep 28, 2007 6:18

Cedega is a WinAPI/D3D emulator on Linux. For years it is the only choice of linux D3D implemention.
With the rise of Wine on D3D implemention Cedega has lost many subscribers.
I quited simply because Cedega failed too much time on my sole emulation need--EVE Online. Plus EVE will have a native linux client sooner or later.
My suggestion is to Check Cedega's support DB and forum for what game you wanna play first and make your move.

Well, Cedega crew have done great effert on D3D support, I thank them very much and might swith back to cedega if I have need. They deserve it. Untill now Cedega still wins wine on many mainstream games. Go have a look

I have to mention, Steam might work with Cedega/Wine but Windows PunkBuster client is a 100% maelware---I agree with Norton/Kaspersky--- PunkBuster sux and I believe there will be never ever windows PB support on Wine/Cedega, just like there will be never official ActiveX support on them. Op should consider this if u wish to play multiplayer.

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