howto Aztech WL230USB

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Baby Hen
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howto Aztech WL230USB

Post by v3ll0us » Tue Sep 25, 2007 22:43

greetings...i'm using sabayon LiNuX 3.4f 64-bits for a few days. i'm new to sabayon & LiNuX. i want to install the driver for my Aztech WL230USB wireless adapter to my machine but despair. the adapter comes with LiNuX driver but it was for 32-bits OS. can anyone help me on how to set this adapter up? now i still using windows to surf the internet, which is the last thing i wanted to do. thanx in advance :)

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Re: howto Aztech WL230USB

Post by momocore » Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:52

Is knetworkmanager running and configured?

You could use ndiswrapper and use the windows drivers, check out the wiki ... e#Wireless
Hope that points you in the right direction

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