Multiple Monitor Problem

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Multiple Monitor Problem

Postby kwagga » Sat Sep 22, 2007 2:22

Hi guys, I have just installed Sbayon x64 3.3f.

I have two Samsung 22" LCD's, connected via DVI to my Nvidia 8600 GT.

I cant get Sabayon to "pick-up"/activate the second monitor, if I activate TwinView in the Nvidia X Server, the entire desktop seems to revert back to "no acceleration", however the second monitor will switch on then, I can't even move a open window then. Any Ideas?

Please help guys!

Thanks alot!
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Re: Multiple Monitor Problem

Postby Jason Kitchens » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:16

Not sure if this will help, I've got a 22" and a 24" working but no beryl effects. I went into konsole super user mode and ran nvidia-settings and configured both of my monitors. Like I said before no beryl effects but I can use both monitors now. You've got to save xorg configuration and then restart x with ctrl-alt-backspace. Hope this helps some.
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Re: Multiple Monitor Problem

Postby j7uy5 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 2:32

It is possible to do it. I did it be referring to an example xorg.conf file posted here a while ago, in this thread:


The smaple file won't work for you directly, because it specifies CRTs not LCDs. But it should show you how it is done.
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