samsung r20 compiz tested

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samsung r20 compiz tested

Post by jet2230 » Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:29

installed sabayon linux x86 3.4f on samsung r20 ... ss/r20.htm. i already had ubuntu & windows xp on other partitions.

i created 10 gig partition and it complained it was not enough, i went ahead with installation anyway, surprisingly it did take up the full 10gig - why does sabayon need so much space on hard drive???

compiz seemed to work fine off the live cd, but when i did full install onto hard drive i could not log into the compiz session error complained of ATI GFX acceleration.

everything else seems to work, i tried the kde look which is quite nice looking and the fonts seem better than ubuntu 7.04.

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Re: samsung r20 compiz tested

Post by wolfden » Sat Sep 22, 2007 14:51

It's posted all over the place that 10GB isn't enough and that if you need room, get the mini or use the package selection and unselect a bunch of packages. It's really going to be pure misery working with 10GB with the DVD, you are going to have all sorts of problems cause it has nothing to work with.

If it ran find on livedvd than it will work on harddrive, you may have to run the accel-manager and edit the xorg.conf. You can even copy over the xorg.conf from the livedvd session to your hard drive.

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