Two video cards, one monitor and a really weird configuratio

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Two video cards, one monitor and a really weird configuratio

Post by Xaero » Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:18

Allright, its the stupidest idea I've ever had, and I REALLY wanna see it through to the end... unfortunately I don't have the knowledge at my disposal to figure out my config files....
Pretty much here is the situation:
PCI:2:0:0 = Nvidia NX8500GT (Use this for linux)
Allright, I know now that even if you have 2 video cards and only want to use one, you have to define both cards in Xorg.conf, and tell it to setup the monitor on the card you wish to use as primary (how to go about this is my main issue)
When I logon to windows, it sees both cards, although my Nvidia is disabled in windows ('cuz I wanna use my ATi there)
When I get into a root terminal to check my Xorg logs, it yells at me about having no screens because of "no defined devices"
Although my Nvidia card is defined perfectly...

I can't post the xorg.conf file because I don't have it available ATM... but I can soon...
anyway, what I want is this:
Boot to linux: use Nvidia card in Secondary Pci-e slot
Boot to windows: use ATi card in Primary PCi-e slot
eventually I am buying a better Nvidia card, but for now, the ATi card reigns supreme on windows (in b4 [email protected] noob ati sux cuz linux drivers badzors at a 100% technical and performance standpoint, that ATi x1900GT kicks the Nvidia's A$$) but in linux it disables AIGLX (which is worth is since you can play games on top of it XD)

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