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Network Problem

Post by karlpox » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:19

I got 2 routers in my home. 1 for wired connections and the other is for wireless connections. How do I access computers in the wired router? the wired routers have ip's of 192.168.0.XXX and ip's in the wireless router are 192.168.1.XXX . I got dual boot so in my other OS in windows vista all i have to do is type \\ in the address bar to access my computer. How do I do that in Sabayon??

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Re: Network Problem

Post by WarraWarra » Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:03

Have not tried this but on the left next to start button left bottom of screen should be computer and this icon can be used or the world next to it with a cable at the bottom of the icon.
Maybe you could find something about this in the gentoo forums / wiki under network browsing.
Kde website should have a how to for this.

Sorry I could not give you proper help for this :oops:
Could be "///"

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