MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT

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MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT

Post by thewho443 » Sat Sep 08, 2007 7:52

I just installed two MSI NX8600GT 256MB DDR3 video cards in SLI format. When I boot sabayon on HD the Compiz Fuzion does not load and I am getting no desktop acceleration. When I open the NVIDIA Server it is only showing one of the cards. Anyone know what to do?

Baby Hen
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Re: MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT

Post by jorma » Sat Sep 08, 2007 13:17

There seems to be some problem with Compiz Fusion and Sli setups. I have Asus 6800 in Sli setup and tried to get it working with Fusion. What i tested was with glxgears

Code: Select all

Option "DamageEvents" "boolean"
both true and false and

Code: Select all

Option "SLI" "string"
on and off, like instructed on ... dix-b.html appendix b Nvidia README.
Results (results are estimate since it's few weeks i tried them) :
  • Sli off Aiglx on ~7300 Sli on Aiglx on ~2800 Sli On Aiglx off 14300
As results say, desktop acceleration worked with Sli but fps was horrible and the feeling was very choppy and slow response. With only 1 card eveything works and feels great, but since this was my gaming rig and i want to have all the performance i can, i have disabled desktop acceleration for now.

I don't know if it means anything but when using livedvd (3.4e, as is my installed version also) , loading gets to point when opengl and Nvidia cards gets probed, it identifies them falsely as "Nvidia 6800 GTO" 's. "Nvidia X-server settings" identifies cards correctly though.

Sorry i couldn't help here, am my self waiting for next Sabayon version and updated Compiz to solve the problem.

As a sidenote, just finished installing 3.4e to my new Acer 5920G laptop. Everything works out of the box :shock: . Thanks for the great distro Sabayon Crew!

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Re: MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT

Post by WarraWarra » Sat Sep 08, 2007 22:24

Just about to test the aiglx + nvidia driver or aiglx+nvidia+compiz in 3.4F will let you guy's know if it works better. They have fixed a lot of other stuff in 3.4F.

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Re: MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT

Post by SaturnsChoice » Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:21

I'm having some trouble with my MSI NVidia 8600GTS 256 HDMI card. I'm able to boot from the LiveCD, but if I just let it run it gets to the desktop acceleration configuration and bricks regardless of the option chosen. However, if I press f5 and simply type in "noaccelmanager" (after the -- of course) I am able to boot into Sabayon, sans Compiz.

I also installed Sabayon to my second 500gb HDD but I am unable to boot. This is probably due to my extremely limited knowledge of Linux.

I was able to configure dual monitors through the NVidia control panel. Although, I was only able to get a clone setup and the Samsung GXTV that I was using was only displaying a small portion of the screen.

Earlier in the day I was able to boot into a Compiz active version of Sabayon by using the LiveCD with an f5 code of "noddc red=1024x768 refresh=60 opengl=nvidia"

I hope this information can help someone out there and hopefully the cycle of information/teach/learning won't stop at myself. I'm dying to figure this out and get the most out of this new PC!


PS, How do I check to see which version of 3.4 I have?

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