Suggestions for future versions of Sabayon

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Suggestions for future versions of Sabayon

Post by dukdukgoos » Wed Sep 05, 2007 20:51

First off I want to say that I'm really enjoying my experience with Sabayon and Gentoo. Fits right in with my tweaker mentality. :)

I have a couple of suggestions that I like to throw out for the next version. Maybe others can chime in if they agree or think I'm off base.

I really appreciate the latest round of changes that made Sab more configurable at install time. I'd like to continue to see further development along these lines. For example:
  • Minimal KDE/Gnome installation. It'd be great if we had minimal versions of the major desktops, so we could build up KDE/Gnome from a light base rather than stripping down. For KDE I'd like to see a "kdebase-startkde" type option.
  • More detailed package selection in the installer. The meta packages in the installer are a little too large for my tastes. A good example would be packages that install video/audio codecs but not all the players, so you can pick the individual player you want. Another would be a package to install Firefox and plugins, but leave other internet apps to be individually installed.
  • Less unnecessary hardware support. I'd like to see the installer be smart enough install only what's necessary to support my hardware. For example, if I'm running a desktop computer, I don't need any of the laptop-oriented packages, battery monitors, touchpad, bluetooth, etc. Another example: the installer already detects that I have an nvidia card and sets it up correctly, couldn't it use this information to avoid installing all the other X video drivers?
  • Less unnecessary language support. Have an option in the installer to choose what languages you want installed, then don't install dictionaries, man files, etc that are unneeded.
  • More world update friendly. Clean up the make.conf USE flags, world file, and package.* files of repeats, unnecessary entries, and general cruft.
I can summarize all these as: allow a "less is more" installation approach while retaining the quick setup time and out-of-the-box functionality that differentiates Sab from vanilla Gentoo. This would relieve many users of post install cleanup and configuration and make Sabayon even more fantastic than it already is.

Thanks for listening!

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