Sabayon BE 1.1

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Sabayon BE 1.1

Post by Dark_MaGe » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:23

I've been out of the forum for some time because I've worked hard on our BE 1.1 it's almost at the end...I think we'll release soon after our core has tested it properly, I hope any of you will like it...and as I finish of course I'll get back helping out on the forum as I always did, moreover with this new release coming out I think my help is more than needed, I'll try to keep you updated on any news we have
Luca Palermo

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Re: Sabayon BE 1.1

Post by ScottAS » Thu Aug 30, 2007 15:49


I'm glad that Sabayon GNU/Linux Business Edition is being progressed at an avid pace; I had considered installing the now to-be previous version of the Operating System last night however having read your Topic, I'm going to await the new version. Is it possible for you to list prelimenary modifications to the Operating System thus far? I've submitted a suggestion to yourself via a PM and I also have additional suggests of which I hope yourself and Fabio will take into consideration for both the Business Edition of the Operating System and the regular distrobution.



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