Emerge world problems

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Emerge world problems

Post by KRA » Wed Aug 15, 2007 21:52

I have sabayon 3.4a installed and thought I'd run emerge world now, but I get some strange result.

Code: Select all

[blocks B     ] <net-print/hplip-1.7.4a-r1 (is blocking net-print/cups-1.2.12)
[blocks B     ] net-misc/vnc (is blocking net-misc/tightvnc-1.3.9)
[blocks B     ] <dev-libs/boost-1.34.0 (is blocking dev-util/boost-build-1.34.1)
[blocks B     ] net-misc/tightvnc (is blocking net-misc/vnc-4.1.2-r3)

Total: 594 packages (412 upgrades, 3 downgrades, 91 new, 2 in new slots, 86 reinstalls, 4 blocks), Size of downloads: 2,326,882 kB
This is the end of the output (I can add more if needed)

I have the following questions.

- what's up with these blocks ?
- why the downgrades ?
- and why does it want to emerge gnome, when I clearly state -gnome -gtk -gtk1 -gtk2 in make.conf ?

I also tried the updatescript for gentoo and get the same result. Is there a better way to do this? Possible somehow I can choose what I want to update? There are quite a few applications I don't want to update (like openoffice and all the games) And it's a big waste of time compiling those.

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Post by wolfden » Wed Aug 15, 2007 23:59

to get to world update you have to work out the bumps till you are in the clear. Listen to what portage is telling you and do it.

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