Why 3.4a?

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Post by get sirius » Tue Aug 14, 2007 0:11

Eden wrote:I may as well add my little bit. :)

When it comes to versioning of software there is no actual standard, there guidelines but no standard. Every distro and every program has there own way of doing versioning, some programmers prefer to update the version for every minor update ending up with of a program it just so happens we dont use minor numbers, the a in 3.4a was for beta testers benefits as 3.4 already had been released to them.

With 3.4e coming out we haven't skipped all the letters in between and we haven't gone though 3 other version because e stands for Entropy and not Epsilon if your following the Greek alphabet, which you would be if your assuming a is for alpha and while we are here how come I don't see anyone asking where 3.4b,c & d are?
I was just getting ready to ask that because I just noticed that we now had a 3.4e :). But now I have no need to ask it, what with all the good explanations :P.

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Post by kstephens98 » Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:57

Another opinion,

I agree that there is no standard for version naming conventions. Personally, I find Sabayons refreshingly unique. Unlike any other distro that I am aware of. Keep up the good work making Sabayon a truly unique Linux distro. I love it!!!

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