SL 3.4 live DVD hangs when ExpressCard is plugged in

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SL 3.4 live DVD hangs when ExpressCard is plugged in

Postby fanformusik » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:50

this is just to help making SL even more perfect, it is NOT a big problem.

I'm trying to promote SL to all my friends which is why I put it into a friend's HP Pavilion dv9266eu notebook. Here SL3.4 64bit hangs after the 2nd Sabayon bootsplash, the progress bar stops at roughly 10% and there is no "Alt+F1" option which is why I can't exactly tell where the boot process stalls. This happend with a HP EC300 DVB-T ExpressCard plugged in; once the card was removed, SL would boot nicely.

Interestingly though, the DVB-T card may be pugged in AFTER boot without problem. And kaffeine detected the card, performed a channel search and we were able to watch TV. Most surprising!

With all the rest we tested, everything seemed to run flawlessly! Very impressive.

There was another small issue on shutdown, where SL would hang repeatedly. The last message displayed in verbose mode was "setting hardware clock using the system clock [Local Timer]..." .
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