Problem on Wiki Tips: dispatch-conf?

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Young Hen
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Problem on Wiki Tips: dispatch-conf?

Post by carltonh » Sun Aug 12, 2007 17:30

I'm new to Sabayon and Gentoo, but have been using Linux Mint for almost a year. I was trying to follow post 3.4e instillation advice on this page:

And tried to run several commands, but the console didn't even recognize "dispatch-conf". (I did update portage though.)

I also successfully updated wine to 0.9.43 and Firefox to through emerge, but they took about 20 minutes each on a relatively fast AMD 3800 X2 w/ 1Gig RAM. Is this really how slow everything installed from source will be?

Is there any automatic notification that some packages are important to be updated like Ubuntu type systems do?

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Post by wolfden » Sun Aug 12, 2007 22:00

compiling takes time, welcome to the world of compiling! :D

you can find automatic update scripts, but it is pointless as there is new packages every day. most just setup a cron-job once they are world update

if you ran dispatch-conf and nothing happened, maybe you didn't have any config files that needed updating

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