Nvidia 100.x weardness ?

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Nvidia 100.x weardness ?

Postby WarraWarra » Thu Aug 09, 2007 18:44

Not sure what is going on but 1.0 BE the nvidia 100.x driver works fine at 13000fps avg.
With 3.4e the same driver only gets me 7000fps even after making sure the # load DRI was fixed etc .

Can not figure out what is going on.
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Postby davemc » Sat Aug 11, 2007 18:49

You can always reload the driver and see if that helps. Others are complaining about similar issues so this could be a wider problem with 3.4e on some machines. If it is, well have to try to find a commonality and find a workaround.. sigh..
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Postby WarraWarra » Sat Aug 11, 2007 19:54

Did some live dvd testing = found similarity / difference. no aiglx / aiglx.

Using xdriver=nvidia res=1440x900 to boot 1.0 BE / 3.4E no aiglx / 3.4E aiglx.

Results :
3.4e no aiglx = 13000fps minm.
3.4e aiglx = 7250fps avg
1.0 BE = 13000fps minm.

Default I go to nvidia desktop settings thingy and set it to normal -> high performance under opengl , does not rly make a difference either way for me just bad habit.

3.4E aiglx -> after above tryed to press start button for menu to find terminal and run glxgears = lockup after pressing start button / half loading start button / turning not showing start menu.
Then ctrl+alt+backspace = relaunch X = working / happy no lockup but 7250fps avg , this time could get to terminal in start menu etc .

Did not test glxgears before the lockup to see if there is a difference but should not be as somehow the aiglx settings is limiting the nvidia driver ??

NB: Did not edit any /ect/* files during this , default as is settings with all test's .

Hope this helps as I though the menu lockup/aiglx is just in the xdelta'd 3.4a->3.4e version I made but happens in 3.4e torrent version as well. 100% correct md5 both 3.4e versions.
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