Partition Damaged Drive (Using Parted Magic/Gparted)

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Partition Damaged Drive (Using Parted Magic/Gparted)

Postby Teapot Philosopher » Sat Aug 04, 2007 23:57

First of all, I'm aware that this probably isn't the right forum for finding out how to fix this but I'm just trying to find a solution because I'm annoyed about having to sign up for about a million forums! Lol.

Okay, I installed Sabayon on my desktop, in a separate partition than Windows XP. It's working great. However, I'm having trouble with my laptop. I haven't been able to resize the Windows XP partition because of some hard drive damage. There's some instructions here I've tried to follow.
Here's a screenshot of what it told me to do. ... 110544.jpg

This failed to fix it. I didn't back up the entire system because I couldn't be bothered (I've already backed up any data I want to keep anyway) but I did check the hard drive using chkdsk /f /r in Windows, which didn't say anything was damaged and I rebooted 3 times just to be sure, then put the disk in. Apparently hard drive is still damaged. Tried using a command line ntfsclone --rescue -f to force Parted Magic to ignore the "damage" (not sure if that's right) and it didn't work. I tried many variations of it. Did not work. I also tried ntfsclone --rescue --ignore-fs-check and many variations of that. Did not work. I just get a screen telling me about options including the ones I've tried and it says ERROR: YOU MUST CHOOSE AN OUTPUT FILE or something similar. I'm annoyed.
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Postby ramjet_1953 » Sun Aug 05, 2007 5:02

Over the years, I've had great success in using Quartex's SprinRite.

I have the latest version (Ver 6) which allows you to recover and repair a HDD with virtually any OS on it.

It is an iso that you burn to a CD and then boot from it.

I have had fairly good success in recovering data and refreshing a damaged HDD with it.

Unfortunately, it's not free, but isn't that expensive, either.

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Postby Teapot Philosopher » Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:53

Sorry, but the reason why I'm trying Linux is because it is free. If I don't get it for free, I'm happy to stay with Windows. After all, it's paid for already and I know how to use it. Linux, I have never used before (except for it now being on my desktop alongside Windows XP). However, if anyone can get me free software which doesn't have the same problem or can fix my hard drive please let me know. I would like to remind you (if not, point out for the first time) that Window's chkdsk /f /r did not find any problems with my hard drive. However, Gparted and Parted Magic did not find any problems with my desktop's hard drive so I'm very very confused.

Thanks anyway,
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