Desktop manager won't launch, and some wierd message

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Baby Hen
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Desktop manager won't launch, and some wierd message

Post by pingviini » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:51

Fresh install of mini, everytime I start it boots up fine untill it gets to the point where the X11 session should start, then it just puts me back at consol. The consol login comes up. Everything seems to work fine, but nothing happens when I run 'sudo kdm'.

I did a gentoo stage 1 install years ago and I remember most of it, but alot of the things have changes, like they took out the linx2 program, and kdm is not working. I think the problem may be related to an error message that I get when I begin in verbose mode. It says

"One of the files in /etc/{conf.d, init.d} or /etc/rc.conf has a modification time in the future!"

It says that after every item on the startup.

I was originally just go in and get it working the way I did in gentoo, but I was wondering how much has changed since 4 years ago?

I am going to try emerge --sync, then emerging the nvidia-settings, nvidia-drivers, then running the nvidia configuration tool.

Does anyone know if I'm doing it wrong?

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Post by phzi » Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:27

Try 'startx' instead of 'kdm', then look at your xorg log.

Nvidia bin drivers are included by default in sabayon (along with nvidia-settings).

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