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Security Patches

Post by Keks » Sun Jul 29, 2007 16:08

Hi everybody,

I really love Sabayon but an update takes very long, ok don't try to tell me that's a source based distro, I just want to know how I can apply security fixes to my system without compiling a complete program to a complete different version, just security fixes, no new stuff, no new features, Sabayon 3.4 is fine and stable for me now but I'm afraid to do a normal update which takes 5 hours, and drains a lot of energy which I have to pay for.


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Post by dawn`chorus » Tue Jul 31, 2007 16:36

glsa-check is what you're looking for. read about it with 'man glsa-check'. Mainly, you're interested in 'glsa-check -l' while looking out for big red [N]'s.

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