Installer overwriting home directories

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Installer overwriting home directories

Post by trifith » Sat Jul 28, 2007 6:27

Okay, I had Sabayon 3.2??, I think, installed, working fine, I found out about the 3.4 release, and installed it. Having not made any program installs beyond the default, and wanting as quick an upgrade as possible, I chose to do a fresh install and format my / and /boot partitions, and told the installer to mount my /home and swap partitions. during the install process, i set up my account as the primary and re-created my wife's and brother-in-laws accounts at the appropriate screen. The installer for some reason copied the contents of my home directory into my wife's as far as it could before running out of disk space, which isn't a surprise, as I had the dvd iso and a few gigs of video, and only have a 20 gig /home partition. The installer in this process deleted all the data that had previously been in my wife's home directory, including our wedding pictures.

My questions are:

1. Is this behavior the default? If so, why?
2. Why would it do this without warning me that it will be deleting data on a drive I told it not to format?
3. What can I do to prevent this if I should need to upgrade again?

Thanks for your replies


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Post by zouzou85 » Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:21

I can assure you (tho late) that this is not a default action. I have no idea what the problem is, but i did about 7 installs just this week (my comp, my sis's, friends') and didn't see this happening.
but it is interesting!!!
one question:
Did you update the installer before installing anything?
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Post by WarraWarra » Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:30

1 = not normal
2 = It should have replaced the default user / generic user or the one with the same name I presume not sure. You could possibly have installed and just had root and a user with a name not already in use and then once inside the old users should show up or can be used and delete new user non root user you just created. Not 100% sure about this.

3 = backup backup backup onto dvd's / usb / firewire / esata hd's .

If not formated you might be able to run a undelete or similar program that scans the disk or something to recover your pics + movies.

Best palce for this is UBCD this cd saved my but a few times already , might be able to help you as well.
If this can not recover it then likely nothing can unless you pay some company to recover it , think one has adds here on the website if you need to.

Hope this helps.

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