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Distro Watch Top Ten

Postby chickpea » Thu Apr 26, 2007 18:26

Yeah so this is just a big kick right in the face:


Yeah so I understand where they are going with this which seems to be total installs instead of total website hits which is what DW popularity chart is all about, but hey we are like one of two top 10 DW distros that got the shaft in this list. :evil: :evil:
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Postby davemc » Wed May 02, 2007 0:46

Its not about the short term. If you noticed they included Gentoo, which held popularity for a long long time. After Sabayon has remained on the top 10 for longer than a few months then im sure Ladislav will put us up there. Notice how he also had a big reservation about putting even PCLos up there which has been top 10 for over a year.
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