(English) A few question about German Locales in Linux.

Allgemeine Gespräche hinsichtlich Sabayon Linux

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(English) A few question about German Locales in Linux.

Post by LinuxSüchtiger » Thu Apr 19, 2007 17:10

First off, sorry breaking the rules for the German boards. I am a German language student who is not confident enough to ask a technical question in the language. I placed this post here due assuming that you all have a better sense on how to setup to configure their computer for German than the people on the English portions of the forum. Secondly, let me start by saying I am new to forum; therefore, hello to everyone who is reading this.

I am interested in testing Sabayon and using Sabayon. I am a "veteran," if you will, in Gentoo and Slackware, but I was wanting to try this out to see if it could be of any use to my father's workstations at his company. Seeing as Gentoo's manual install process would be difficult across computers of different hardware and architectures, I was hoping that this would be a potentially better solution to that daunting issue.

Okay, I will get on with it:

Soon, I am going to start taking classes in German at my local community college over the summer and take it during my final year of high school. I take the subject very seriously seeing as it is something that I desire to learn. I have started my own "prelearning" process by listening to music, watching TV shows, and reading stuff that are written/spoken in German.

This "immersion" process could potentially help me in the long run with actually sounding more natural at the language as I am learning it. Since I currently lack the formal schooling in it, I am completely cluessless as to the diction, grammar, and syntax of the language. However, that issue will be resolved in the next few months as I have mentioned above.

For now, I am wanting to further this immersion process by extending it to where I spend most of my time: at the computer. This would inevitably force me to learn technical as well as basic German. I have a growing vocabulary of computer terms, but I would like to exponentially grow it. I would like to know how to completely convert my KDE/Gnome window manager, applications, hep guides, and etcetra into German. Yes, this would be difficult for me to use my system, but it would benefit and do no harm since I can do this on my laptop without having to affect my main computer. This way, I can learn the language and be prepared even further when I start taking the classes.

Also, as I do not know this, where can I order a German desktop keyboard ("Tastatur"). I absolutely loathe having to use the "converted" US keyboard with German keys since the learning curve is absolutely unreal.

If there are any suggestions, please tell me. I would like to convert, not extend, my computer to German. As I mentioned my reason above, I hope you guys understand where I am coming from. All right, I need to go to my next class. Auf Wiedersehen!

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Post by Tails2k » Tue Apr 24, 2007 20:33

take a look for amazon.de or ebay.de

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Post by BananaS » Thu Apr 26, 2007 20:46

Nice to hear that somebody is interested in our language :-)
I think like Tails2k mentioned you should look at an online-shop to buy the keyboard and all the stuff you need. i don't know how good your german is but there's a localization guide in the documentation of gentoo: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/de/guide-localization.xml in german and

http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/guide-localization.xml for english.

to make your applications german i think the linguas-variable is the most important thing but you'll find the information you need in the link above.

if you have any language questions feel free to ask me

later BananaS

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