I guess ubuntu is a better distro than Sabayon due to it

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I guess ubuntu is a better distro than Sabayon due to it

Post by grim1982 » Sat Apr 21, 2007 20:07

due to Sabayons lack of community support in a simple thing as installing a nic card driver. When i had problems with ubuntu i made a post in there forums and got support within 10 minutes well i like sabayons gui its better than most distro's but with lack of support that means nothing so i guess i will have to stop telling people how good sabayon is compared to vista and continue to push ubuntu
thanks for all your help

p.s. im sure in a year or so ubuntu will have a better gui anyway

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Post by Stupot » Sat Apr 21, 2007 21:36

Anyone you ask will tell you that Sabayon is not for beginners. It's hard to find a solution when a person can't fully describe their problem or narrow down the possibilities of where the problem lies. If you're going to leave, just make sure that you've got the right impression. As of now, Sabayon isn't as easy to learn as Ubuntu, but that gap will decrease as Sabayon grows in numbers.

p.s. Spiteful comments are for chumps.

p.p.s. ...Did I just call myself a chump?

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Post by wolfden » Sat Apr 21, 2007 22:00

The key is knowledge for any distro. Too many ubuntu uers came over expecting it to run just like ubuntu and were suddenly in a panic cause they didn't know how to operate a Gentoo based distro. They were trying to use apt-get and making a mess. That is one sad thing about unbuntu, the thinking requirements are not required.

Every distro is different and Gentoo is way different. The documentation is huge, but unfortunately people are either too lazy to look or use search abilities correctly. They want someone to post exactly what they need to do without even understanding why they are running those commands. It's not a beginner distro, but it is easy to learn with some time.

Stop and look and the two communities. Ubuntu has a way larger user base so getting help is gonna be quicker. Is it really fair to even compare the sizes? SL is growing and has only recently really taken off with a growth spurt. People never heard of this distro till it hit you-tube last fall. It's sad to see when people flock to an operating system purely for it's looks. SL is way more than that. KDE is KDE, Gnome is Gnome, beryl is beryl, but Ubuntu is no Gentoo and never will compare.

If u want easy and don't want to learn, stick with ubuntu, fine with me, but don't go away bashing something you don't understand.

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Post by wolfden » Sat Apr 21, 2007 22:08

oh and btw - your one post you made - the solution:

you probably need to run "make prepare" on the kernel sources

it helps to post more information when making a post, but that is what I would try first

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Post by Dark_MaGe » Sat Apr 21, 2007 23:16

I still fail understanding....this post doesn't even deserve to stay here in this section...so why did you write here? and btw...let me know when ubuntu will make your hardware work perfectly "out of the box" because my hardware is only recognized fully by sabayon... and whatever I plug is in most cases loaded fully without too much effort

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Post by konstk » Sun Apr 22, 2007 3:21

All my hardware works (except problem with usb disappearing on my crosshair board - no problem in windozze)

You need to post more info to get help. There are thousands of ubuntu users. That's why you get more replies. However they are not all experts like many Gentoo/Sabayon users are.

Network drivers have to do with recompiling the kernel.

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Post by davemc » Sun Apr 22, 2007 4:42

Funny you should mention ubuntu lol!!

I just spent this whole last weekend running Kubuntu 7. TBH its the biggest piece of crap ever. Nothing comes configured "out of the box" on it at all. You have to spend many countless hours trying to get things up and running yourself. To say otherwise is simply a bold faced lie, im sorry. Sabayon, everything comes configured and ready to roll. Sorry, but your post is trash and nothing but a snivling little whiner posts garbage like that anyway. Have fun with Ubuntu, im sure they will just love you over there seeing as how you contribute NOTHING to the project.

I run amd dual core and they cant get flash working on amd64 at all for the most part. Pretty sad IMO considering Sabayon has had it working out of the box on my machine since day 1 looooong ago. It took me a full day to get beryl and emerald up and running correctly. Whatevder man

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Post by Appleman1234 » Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:36

This post is not helpfully, just go back to Ubuntu. Locking.