How to setup Ventrilo in Sabayon

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How to setup Ventrilo in Sabayon

Post by davemc » Sun Apr 15, 2007 0:52

Ventrilo is voice chat. Very handy if you play intensive online team games or if you just want to save the cost of a long distance call. Info here:

Sabayon 3.3+ comes with all the necessary wine components so that eliminates alot of steps. All you have to do now is:

All steps done as user or $ on command line konsole or xterm

1) $winecfg
1a) Audio tab
1b) make sure ALSA is checked. Set Hardware Acceleration to Emulation. Default Sample Rate to 44100, and Default Bits Per Second to 16. Hit OK

Now comes the fun part 8)

Dowload ventrilo client from here:
Download the Windows i386 - 32bit, version 2.3.0 or filename ventrilo-2.3.0-Windows-i386

2) cd to the directory that contains that file you downloaded. For me it was /home/username/Desktop.
2a) $wine ventrilo-2.3.0-Windows-i386

It will now install ventrilo in the .wine folder of your /home/username file. Note that the .wine means that it is a hidden folder, so you will have to, within konqueror > View > Show hidden files, to see it, and you will have to see it later on.

2b) After its finished installing, fire it up for the first time with $wine "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe"
2c) The client will come up, but will most likely not work yet as its not setup to work within Linux. Setup your username and ventrilo server info. Note that for server you have to have that info already or know what server your friends are on. This will be URL, port, and password if one is needed.
2d) Finish setting that up and then click on the "setup" button. You WILL get an error message when you do that but just click OK and it will take you to the setup window. Now you must check "Use Push-To-Talk" and uncheck "Use DirectInput to detect Hotkey". Ensure "Enable outgoing voice communications" and "Play Key Clicks" are both checked. Also, make double sure that "Use DirectSound" for BOTH Output and Input Device are UNCHECKED! Go through all the tabs at the top and ensure this is so on all screens. Go back to the Voice tab screen and setup your "Hotkey" and Output and Input volumes. NOTE: Using the mouse keys for Hotkey does work, but creates problems because you will not be able to use the mouse to talk when outside the Vent window or if it is not the active one. I use the tilde key but I must click on the vent window to make it the active one to talk. I can hear others at all times though so if you mainly just need to listen, this is no big deal.

Almost there!

3) Now you must setup the correct windows drivers to get GSM and all that good stuff. You will need to copy them from an existing windows install somewhere or download them from the M$ website. They are:


You will find them in windows at C:\\windows\system32. Copy those files to your /.wine/drive_c/windows/system folder. Yes, thats right, you are going to copy them to your wine drive system folder... Not system32 folder.
3a) Now for the system.ini change. Go to your /.wine/drive_c/windows/system.ini and open that up. You are going to write in the following:


When your done with that, save it and close. Your pretty much home free now! Setup a shortcut for ventrilo on your desktop if you like or if wine didnt create one for you already like it did for me. Otherwise a shortcut should have been created in your KDE menu somewhere. Happy voice chatting!

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