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Baby Hen
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Make it work out of the box!

Post by o0JoeCool0o » Sat Feb 24, 2007 21:31

Use a generic driver that works accross all video cards who cares if it has NO 3d support or 16 colors. If you could at least get into the GUI to open a web browser and downlaod the latest drivers then it would actually be user friendly. I could get my mom to install linux and she would tell all her friends how easy it was to install. and then sabayon linux could take down windows vista.

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Post by lxnay » Sat Feb 24, 2007 21:39

It's called vesa driver and it's triggered automatically when no other supported driver is found. To force this driver just boot adding xdriver=vesa to the boot command line (Press F5 on the boot menu)
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Old Dear Hen
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Post by Jesterhead » Sat Feb 24, 2007 23:09

Maybe a safe mode (even for an installed system) which automatically uses vesa could be addded for future versions ;)

Baby Hen
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Post by o0JoeCool0o » Sat Feb 24, 2007 23:45

that woudl be fantastic, it should be able to automatically put the vesa code in if no drivers can be loaded. Like I said my mom should be able to install sabayon. its alot different if you load into a gui and it doesnt look right yet its still funcitonal. I can load windows 98 on my machine and it looks crappy cause theres no nvidia 8800 driver but I would be able to open a browser and download the drivers and fix any other problems using the gui.

You mention it automatically loads the VESA driver if no driver is found but this is not the case as it cannot find a driver for my 8800 and it simply dumps me to a text console because it couldnt load any drivers.

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