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What direction would you like to see us go?

I'd like to see us use the same kind of background that others like Mac OS X and Ubuntu are using!
I'd like to see you and the art devs go back to the drawing board and try again to make something a little bit different.
I'd like to see us keep using flowers and life snapshots.
Total votes: 41

Growing Hen
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Post by Tautrimas » Wed Feb 21, 2007 18:58

All I can say is that good wallpaper must be:
1. Simple.
2. Attractive.
3. Easy to "use".
This means that all graphics with very contrasting colors doesn't fit here. I prefer more ergonomic ones, which has only one or two small objects ant a plain glowing color easy to "use" backround. And flower with harsh orange and yellow colors definitely doesn't fit here also. I wote for #1.

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Post by Phill » Fri Feb 23, 2007 15:28

I think that the default sabayon theme should be recognisable as sabayon. It should be a clean, tidy, simple, attractive theme. Being distinctive and looking a lot like OSX or even Vista are not mutually exclusive. I'd like to stick with a red/orange type of theme on the basis that it is something distinctive and easily recognisable as the sabayon theme, rather than the generic blue/grey themes used so often elsewhere.

One question, when a theme has been created, how much work for the art team is it to port the theme so it looks and feels the same, only is the blue/grey colour scheme that is so prevalent on computers. Making it easy for the masses to change to a desktop theme that is similar to vista/osx/etc in appearance means the best of both worlds. Perhaps the option to choose which colour scheme you want as default can be chosen in the installation process?

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Post by tabrown72 » Fri Feb 23, 2007 15:58

t is subjective...some people prefer abstract while others prefer naturalistic, and others cubism, and so on.

I don't think it has as much to do about the actual work itself as it does unity and fluidity.

Meaning that all aspects of the should be represented, balanced and complete.

The splash screens should bear a simular look and feel, menus, titlebars, fonts, colors, and especially icons.

IMO the one thing that would benefit Sabayon above all others is to have a few preset themes in place that cover all the bases that users can easily switch between. The default themes that come with kde are about as inviting as an invitation to the dentist.

I don't think that there is much really new and exciting visually on the wallpaper front because as soon as someone comes out with a new or fresh approch everyone copies it until its dead in the water.

And it also has to do with what segment we want Sabayon to appeal to.

Sure someone could get all creative and do a really nice techno industrial theme that rocks every geeks world but does it appeal to a mass audience?

Research, planning, attention to details, and a few good choices are a good start.

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Post by tabrown72 » Fri Feb 23, 2007 16:00

the first word was supposed to be art

ps i hate how it times out so you cant finish a train of thought without having to save you text in case it goes to hell when you submit it.

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Post by wolfden » Sun Feb 25, 2007 22:09

all you have to do is hit the refresh button in the browser and than click submit if you take a long time to reply

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