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Post by txemijendrix » Thu Feb 22, 2007 23:30

Hi all.
First of all, thank you (everyone) for your comments.
As I said before these are the last wallpapers I'll do with the 3D hen foot. Surely I'll put the sources in my website, so if anyone wants to play with them in the future, that's OK. That's what GPL means, I think :) .
If a new logo is selected, I'll take a look at it and there will be more 3D wallpapers, for sure.
Anyway the redish one seems to work fine. 157 downloads and 63 % good in less than 24 hours at kde-look is a nice rate.
Thanks again.

Txemi Jendrix
http://www.txemijendrix.com 3D and Graphic design.

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