an apology?

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Post by lucidardor » Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:18

wow, you guys are pretty hard on him...
I understand the frustration, but I have to agree with y'all that it is very clear about saying use it at your own risk. This is testing software, as well, so if it screws you, it's kinda your own fault. Ubuntu even screwed up my old computer, and it's a very stable system. Luckily for me Sabayon runs on my macbook, but if I'd screwed up my mac, I wouldn't have gotten angry with the distro. I'd be upset with myself for taking the risk, ya know. Also I don't think I'd call him a noob, he seems like he knows alot more about Gentoo than I do. I did, however, read something that is interesting and applies here. I typed su in the terminal and it said "think before you type." I'm sure you know alot more about linux than I do, so I think for future posts, maybe you should think more before you type and blow up so you don't sound so foolish. I hope you can fix your buddy's machine. Good luck.

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Post by wolfden » Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:21

why do people reply to old threads?