The 3d wars has begun ??

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Post by phersotty » Thu Feb 01, 2007 4:38

frogimus wrote:
You change the GUI a little (such as OOo), people can't handle it.
I have to disagree with the theory that people can't handle it if you change the GUI. Have you seen the menus in Office 2007? Its a mess the toolbar has been redone so much that its like using different programs. In my opinion there is no difference between switching from Word 2003 to Word 2007 as it would be to switch from Word 2003 to Open Office Write or even Abiword. I believe that people aren't so much afraid of a different interface as they are to go against the mainstream. [/quote]

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Post by frogimus » Thu Feb 01, 2007 11:28

Good point. Probably 90% correct. I was basing my eval on my (ex) wife. I loaded OOo on my daughter's PC to avoid the "discount" license available through her employer. She was sceptical at first, but once she realized that it translated the files flawlessly and that the icons may look a little different, but accomplish the same tasks...then she warmed up to it.

I wonder if it is more that MS and the music/video industries have brainwashed people into thinking that free==illegal, dirty, black hat counter-culture, etc.

My .02

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Post by nemesis » Tue Feb 06, 2007 15:36

I tried Metisse a couple years ago and have been following it (not very closely) since. It's a different concept than beryl/compiz. On the website it actually claimed not to be a 3d desktop. I know when I tried it and actually got it working, it wasn't quite usable. I couldn't get it set to run on Gnome or Kde although I read that some people could. Here is the development website if anyone is interested.

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Post by AmpLiF1eR » Tue Feb 06, 2007 15:50

tried it too, didn't like it at all..

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Post by davemc » Tue Feb 06, 2007 16:01

Not really sure what the point of it is anyway. You can just to F7 I think, in beryl and it gives you a snapshot of all your active apps and you just pick the one you want and it zooms right to it. Metisse seems to scale images in and out based on your mouse pointer.... Whats the diff? Other than with metisse your mouse pointer can end up becoming a real pain if you accidently move it off the app your playing with. I didnt like it.

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Post by davkt » Thu Feb 08, 2007 13:57

cvill64 wrote:imho, the 3d wars were over the day beryl was integrated into SL ;)
Just need to get it running on a HD install like it did on the live DVD :) More things to try tonight!

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Beryl+Metisse+Looking glass

Post by phersotty » Thu Feb 08, 2007 17:33

I just found this by googling metisse beryl Is that crazy or what :roll:

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Post by chickpea » Wed Feb 28, 2007 15:54

cvill64 wrote:imho, the 3d wars were over the day beryl was integrated into SL ;)
I second that!

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Post by davbeck » Sat Apr 07, 2007 3:19

Its not really a war. if it were a war beryl would win. unfortunately if history can be our guide, a lack of knowledge and fear of free stuff will make m$ win no matter what.

once you get people to use open software though, my experience has been positive. OOo in particular I have installed on many of my friends computers and they have no problem with it. Most of them are completely impressed by SL and unless they don't have the authority to choose their OS they beg for my help installing it.

In my opinion we have many handicaps from m$. the biggest of all is the lack of commercials. m$ makes money and therefor can afford TV time.

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