Which (modern) laptops work OK with Sabayon?

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Which brands of laptop work OK with Sabayon

Poll ended at Wed Dec 06, 2006 15:41

Fujitsu Siemens
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Baby Hen
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Post by palusso1234 » Fri Jan 05, 2007 7:26

works fine on my IBM thinkpad T42, all the drivers etc.... very fast too

Growing Hen
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HP dv6000z 90% there

Post by pajamabama » Sun Jan 07, 2007 22:53

Most stuff works just perfectly. Headphone jack and microphones don't work yet. It sometimes doesn't waked up if the BIOS puts it into powersave mode, and there's something wrong with the flash plugin for firefox that often causes the browser to hang. Other than that it's pretty stable and fast, with only minimal driver configuration.

Sagely Hen
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Sony Vaio VGN-FS550

Post by chickpea » Mon Jan 08, 2007 15:28

Although this laptop is a few (2) years old, it works excellent. I have yet to configure the widescreen lcd correctly, and the touchpad mouse is SLOOOOOOOW (despite the usual tweaks in the config GUI), which I attribute to my stupidity, not the distros. I am sure that I will have these issues resolved in no time flat.

Simple Hen
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Asus M5N, everything works

Post by thespongeoflove » Sat Jan 20, 2007 1:08

Hello, i happy to report that the asus M5N is almost fully supported by sabayon linux. Sound works grate, wireless, dvd/cd burning, firewire, aiglx and xgl are also supported on this little laptop. Suspend to ram works, Suspend to disk does not yet work. We are waiting for a better implantation from kpowersave.

Sabayon works perfectly on this computer.

Simple Hen
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ACER TM 2403

Post by GregK » Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:59

OK, so after almost 2 weeks of using SL, it's finally time to say that - it just works! :D

Baby Hen
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Post by szegey » Sun Jan 21, 2007 14:03

SL works great on Acer Extensa 4100.

Pentium M 1.6, ATI X600, Intel 2200BG Card.

Everything out of the box :-)

Baby Hen
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Post by tibi » Thu Jan 25, 2007 16:50

z61m lenovo works fine. had some problems with beryl but the rest seems fine.
when beryl on i have no sound.

i haven't got the webcam working and did not check the microphones jet.

screen is ok
wifi is ok

Baby Hen
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dell inspiron 1150

Post by tk421 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 16:46

out of curiosity i tried the live dvd out on my girl's laptop (3.2)

inspiron 1150
2.8ghz celeron
20gb hdd
512mb ddr2
intel crap graphics
15" 1024x768 screen

everything appeared to be working at first, untill i enabled aiglx (i know, stupid for that machine, but i was curious) and i got a HUGE grey volume control screen that was apparently constantly being pressed down.

as far as i know, there are no external volume buttons on this thing. I had to pull the battery to get it to shut down - machine was hard locked.
I havent tried a knoppix or ubuntu disk yet .... havent had time to mess about with it.

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Post by pegazuz » Sun Feb 25, 2007 0:09

JTAL604622 wrote:Acer 3000 aspire.

Perfect with 3.2, wireless works, fast no drivers to setup.

5 star....
No working graphics in Acer Aspire model 5102. Left black mouse trails anytime you moved mouse and no links worked. Eventually whole screen goes black or gray.
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Jim March
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Post by Jim March » Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:11

Get something with an NVidia video system and at least 128megs and you won't go too far wrong.

I had reliability issues with a Fujitsu recently. I wouldn't recommend them or Toshiba.

Asus and Acer tend to be very good deals. HP does OK of late. But focus on the video chipset for best results...everything else can be tweaked one way or the other.

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