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Post by Appleman1234 » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:18

phpbb2 I believe

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Re: Question about this forum

Post by wolfden » Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:36

DorisAxline wrote:Hi folk!
Which type of script-engine does this forum use?
I want the same one.
There are no any shit topics like buy viagra and others :)
Please, help me.
Thanks in advance!!!
That's because we delete like 20+ spam messages a day

Simple Hen
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Post by ed » Fri Jan 19, 2007 22:11

Again, this spam bots like impersonating people and this is one. You two have been replying to a bot without noticing it. Do you really think a new user would put their website as a link and would it be an autogenerated junk page? No. And would someone with a name like Doris have that bad a grasp of English? Unlikely.

The question is also silly. Anyone who knows anything about running a website would instantly have know that it uses phpBB and would have seen that there is spam.

I've seen a lot of spam and this another example.

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