OpenPGP Card support

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Baby Hen
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OpenPGP Card support

Post by ahab » Sun Jan 14, 2007 18:20


I really would like to use my OpenPGP Card with the live CD, as my private keys have been generated and are stored solely on the card, but unfortunately the gnupg version shipped with the CD does not support the --card-xxx options (e.g. --card-status).
I compiled gnupg 1.4.6 to my $HOME (persistent through xsistence), now having the required options, but still lacking support for handling smartcards, because pcsc-lite is missing.
Do you think that you could add smartcard support via pcsc-lite to the live CD?


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Post by cvill64 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 0:44

not the cd as that is packed full, but it can def be added to the dvd if its not already there, please test the dvd and if its not there open an enhancement request at please

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