With Sabayon's growth could'nt there be:

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Ghost Bird
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With Sabayon's growth could'nt there be:

Post by Ghost Bird » Wed Jan 10, 2007 12:57

I've been looking for a place to put this, and I may put it elsewhere.

I am a NEW USER to Sabayon. I love it the idea and everything else.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer and can't do a thing with code.

I do my part or try for Linux by spreading the word. If I can find an interested person, I will GIVE them a Linux Distro. Live or otherwise to try.

Choice is a good thing and this is what Linux is about. However the fact is that Linux growth is due to people wanting a choice and some people just not being able to work with windows anymore.

Some of and many of those people are 'average' users. They don't WANT that much choice! I am trying to learn portage. I read up and read up and am still reading up on it. I would like some of those 'choices' but admit truthfully it will take me a long time.

I had experience with RPM distros. I came to Sabayon because I had an idea about Linux growth and source Distro's versus the RPM.

I think source could be made a standard more easily than RPM's since there are so many RPM type distros out(yet not really working together for a standard). From my perspective as a NOOB to linux.

I think that what was suggested here, a GUI package manager is a NEED for some of the 'users' that will want Sabayon. I don't think everyone will be able to use CLI that easily. There are some inept people when it comes to technical things. Cause they choose to be in many cases is also true.

Since Sabayon is for the user though, wouldn't a GUI package manager be a good thing? It won't do away with Emerge commands and CLI for those that want it. Then you have a very good Distro that can work for the advanced users and the average users.

While I'm writing this, as a person that has no progamming experience, it's only a question an idea.

Considering Ebuilds and source:

From my very limited understanding the Ebuild tells Portage what to do and how etc with the source or program when it builds it?

Is it possible, for example when I install a program downloaded as a Zipped source, there are basically 3 commands, is it possible to automate this for the 'average' user? Is it possible to automate it so that the GUI can even ask where they want to install the program and last... maybe I'm pushing it or asking too much?(Then have default area set up that would be best for SL or at least where it will do the least harm)
Is it possible similar to portage for there to be some type of search in such a GUI to see if what is needed is there for the package? Or is that 'why' there are ebuilds? I'm only asking because I thought that zipped source programs had that 'information' what's needed, in the ./config file?

example, when I loaded a program called EVA for chat. The config file told me it would fale because it needed something from KDE. Actually told me where I wanted to put it didn't have the KDE files it needed so I went ahead and put it where the readme file suggested it go.

IT's an idea. Sorry that my skill level isn't higher. I'm still learning how to use Emerge. Serious NOOB here. Yet I hope to learn enough one day to 'help' others break into Linux.

I hope this is a useful idea for an already great Distro! To help it's continued growth! Since it is aimed at the users, it must take into account the 'average' users that will be attracted to it also.

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Post by wolfden » Wed Jan 10, 2007 13:10

There is a GUI installer

Kuroo and it's installed by default

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yea ,and it stinks...

Post by terlmann » Wed Jan 10, 2007 16:29

if he took the time to come here and say this,he has already used our dear little friend kuroo....
IMHO we really need someone experienced to re-write kuroo with gtk bindings,I broke kde once-upon-a-time and couldn't get a list of things I wanted,and,yes,I know about emerge's cli searching functions.
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