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Transparent updates

Post by chakkerz » Tue Jan 09, 2007 3:25


I've been whinging in other threads about the lack of a release package and so far it seems that that's getting mostly ignored. Fair enough ... i figure you people are busy and you did just release a new version ... so further proof to the busy issue.

but here is the thing, 3.25 finished downloading for me yesterday (late yesterday) and today i come online and fine 3.26 is out. I installed 3.25 anyway (it took a week to come down ...) and find that netbeans 5.5 is completely fscked. bummer (topic for another thread and i don't blame you ... odds it is fixed in 3.26 right? :) )

Never the less the time to lead on the DVD to come down and the new version (another 3.3GB) to be release concern me. I can't just download DVDs worth of data for a few hundred MB of updates. I saw the delta stuff and have yet to understand it full (so there may be a much better solution) but what i really really want is what every distro i've got deployed can do:

Update to new release state using emerge (or layman).

The changes from version to version must be maintained somewhere, surely it is possible to chuck them into a script / archive make them a package, let people download it and run emerge world (using whatever switches) and presto there is the latest sabayon.

Can someone please tell me how i can do this manually, IF there is such a package and if there is not, what the obstacle is.


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Post by wolfden » Tue Jan 09, 2007 4:49

The xdeltas were released, two small files to patch the 3.25c iso - did you see that?

you can use emerge to update - latest stuff should be in the sabayon overlay, some of the fixes were even posted on the forum which are in 3.26

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