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A search?

Postby Ghost Bird » Mon Jan 08, 2007 19:31

I'm no programmer. I'm therefore not sure how it would be done. However is it possible to create a way to search for 'keywords' when we want to find information that may have been posted before?

That way we don't repeat questions that are similar or may have been answered before.

I'm a NOOB and I'm also new to these forum pages. If I have missed the 'search' option then I apologize in advance. Being new to this type of distro, tried a few RPM's before but I really like
this distro and what I think it can offer, I'm sure I'll make a number of other mistakes to apologize for in the future.

For example if someone is using ATi. I have one on my other notebook so expect to be having problems soon. When I put Sabayon on it. It would be nice if I could search for the forum topics with ATi for example. Then get a list and start looking and see if my answer it there.

I mean other than using google... hahaaa.
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Postby wolfden » Mon Jan 08, 2007 23:10

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Just want to say OOOPS!!

Postby Ghost Bird » Wed Jan 10, 2007 17:37

I do read and check the Forum quite often. As often as I get online. I found the Search option!

Sorry about that. Well, I said it anyway. I will make mistakes like everyone else. Sorry...

thanks for the link. 8) :oops:
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