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Postby rossco71 » Sat Dec 16, 2006 22:22

Sabayon Linux doesn't work on Radeon cards my friend tried it first on his and it freezes at about 3/4 of the way done! and i ran it on my Nvidia one and it worked perfect!! and i tested this problem on serveral machines and the same problem accured...
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Some Radeon Work

Postby satch » Sat Dec 16, 2006 23:23

I'm sorry to contradict you, but Sabayon Linux works at least with Radeon X1600 cards. You can check one of my posts about my strange config.
Anyway, I suppose it's dependent on boot options. You can check forum entries about that, or press F2 and F3 to check them upon boot.

I tried to use SL 3.2 DVD in my work computer, with a X550 Radeon (dual head), and boot hanged too. I would check boot parameters, but I'm on holidays.

I'll be happy to provide whatever debug files are necesary to troubleshoot ATI issues
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Radeon Cards

Postby terlmann » Sun Dec 17, 2006 16:23

Um,sorry to prove you wrong , but sabayon works fine on my sapphire 9250.
This is the devel suggestions forum.this thread should be closed at once.
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Postby senofed » Sun Dec 17, 2006 23:31

i'm currently working on a 9600 Pro (mobility) with absolutely no workarounds out of the box.
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No prob here.

Postby Darksurf » Thu Dec 28, 2006 6:40

Workin' with an X200M on my Laptop... :mrgreen:
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Postby Jozef » Thu Dec 28, 2006 7:51

Sabayon has always "just worked" on my R480[Radeon X850XT Platinum (PCIE)]
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ATI 9250se

Postby AML1967 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:01

worked for me with BERYL and XGL...
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Postby ajez » Thu Dec 28, 2006 10:05

working on a X800 and on a X1800 :D
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Postby sadyc » Fri Jan 05, 2007 21:53

ajez wrote:working on a X800 and on a X1800 :D

Can you confirm if 3.25 with XGL is working well on X800?
I have X800 Pro [R423] and 3.2 worked fine; however 3.25 with XGL doesn't work anymore.
It might be a bad combination of X.Org 7.2 and ATI drivers, because I've had issues with OpenSuse 10.2 (X.Org 7.2 also) on the same machine. Other distributions that have older X.Org versions work well.

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