RedHat 6.8 : BTRFS is depecrated

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RedHat 6.8 : BTRFS is depecrated

Post by sabayonino » Thu May 12, 2016 18:01


6.8 note release :
Btrfs file system
Development of B-tree file system (Btrfs) has been discontinued, and Btrfs is considered deprecated. Btrfs was previously provided as a Technology Preview, available on AMD64 and Intel 64 architectures.

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Re: RedHat 6.8 : BTRFS is depecrated

Post by linuxfluesterer » Thu May 12, 2016 21:31

I'm not sure, but I assume, there must be a misunderstanding. See: ... ates-Btrfs

...especially the comments. It appears, that BTRFS is deprecated for RHEL versions (<= 6.x) with older Kernels.

Personally, I am very content with BTRFS. I could make it install on two SSDs for different Sabayon versions (KDE 4.14.10 and Plasma) with such two partitions (SWAP and Root) and I am able to boot from. No need for separate ext4-boot partition. And the subvolume handling including snapshots work like a charm.

BTRFS is worth to go on developing it, there is a major support from several companies (e.g. Facebook).


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