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Tainted Love

Postby bobmc » Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:16

dmesg says:- "nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel."

But I don't care while VDPAU works with MPlayer. I tried Debian, Xubuntu, and Slackware... Sabayon is the only one that works for efficient viewing of ATSC recordings on a low-power Intel Atom with Nvidia GPU.

Nouveau libraries are a problem and they are blacklisted in /etc/modeprobe.d/blacklist.conf where the developer has commented "keep Nvidia working, sorry nouveau". And that is good because other distros trying to use nouveau have missing libs such as "libvdpau_nouveau".

Sabayon 14.05 has some issue with fonts on the Xfce desktop so I reverted to 14.01 and waited for hundreds of updates. It seems that control files persist across updates to that a working configuration is not broken, at least not this time.
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