If I've a burning desire to be a Sabayon expert... start?

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If I've a burning desire to be a Sabayon expert... start?

Post by way12go » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:39

If I want to be a linux expert where do I start?

Free resources please...

I actually want to be Sabayon linux expert.

Help please. :D
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Re: If I've a burning desire to be a Sabayon expert... start

Post by linuxfluesterer » Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:02

First of all, you need the urge to learn about systematic understanding of the basic structure and console commands of Linux. I mean, Linux here is meant as an operating system which is similar in distribution families (*buntu=debian based, rpm in SuSE and Redhat, gentoo based..). You don't need to learn how to compile, but it helps improving basic knowledges later.
Next basic skill you need is patience and willing to read about "your" specific topic to solve your problem/your target.
Reading and understand of Linux howtos and manuals is not easy, because often there are no examples in a

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man "command"
But you may often find a (similar) solution in Google. Here, be as exact as possible with your keywords!

Begin with the basic root tree (/) and directories and files, learn how to mount a device by a command...
Learn about responsibility to be a root and executing commands as root or as user.
This distribution Sabayon has Desktop GUIs but you can learn about the root tree, the basic structure of this Linux. And you can use a lot of Linux commands.
Anyway, a good book, maybe of O'Reilly, can be a good advise to get a deeper view.
I have learned best, when I had a problem or a target, when I was searching for a solution in Google and then tried myself to realise the possible solutions. Then, if you document/record your way how you resolved it finally, you grow a treasure of knowledge for next time, when you need.
Be conscious, you'll need time. Linux needs analytical care, Linux needs full concentration. But from my experience it fulfills you with more contentment than Windows will ever do. I do since 1998 and in 1999 I started with KDE 1.1 (SuSE).
Take your time. Be serious and don't give up.
Good luck!

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE ...)
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Re: If I've a burning desire to be a Sabayon expert... start

Post by Stupot » Mon Apr 21, 2014 0:01

The best way to be a linux expert is just to use it on a daily basis. Work through issues you come across, asking for help along the way. Before you ask for help, search through sabayon wikis and gentoo wikis, reading about whatever particular system component you're dealing with. It's much easier to bite of little parts of linux at a time, try to understand them and ask for clarification after you've learned what you can on your own.

By doing this a number of a things will happen:
1) You'll have incentive when you're learning as you're dealing with an actual problem.
2) You'll end up learning more about that system than just how to fix it when reading about it.
3) You will be understand the help that's given, as opposed to just blindly following somebody's instructions.

If you find that you don't have any issues at all, play around with some complicated configurations for starting (samba for instance) and see how far you get. If you don't run into any issues with those, or you feel compentent enough, enable the sabayon-limbo testing repository, which will definitely give you some breakages to investigate every now and again (but keep in mind, this repo can break your system in ways you might not be ready to handle as a beginner).

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