OpenSSL vulnerability

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OpenSSL vulnerability

Post by vincebarwinski » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:56

With the heartbleed vulnerability for openssl making news, I decided to see if openssl was installed on my system. It was, and I then decided out of curiosity to see what would happen if it was uninstalled with the command:

equo remove dev-libs/openssl-1.0.1f-r1 --pretend

to which I get the following message:

☢ Ouch!, the following system packages were pulled in:
☢ # dev-libs/openssl-1.0.1f-r1

Does this mean it has been pulled out of the sabayon repository until this heartbleed vulnerability is fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: OpenSSL vulnerability

Post by sabayonino » Thu Apr 10, 2014 13:12

Openssl *f version was pulled

Openssl was fixed since April 08th for all sabayon repositories
(binary → standard → → amd64 → 5 | revision: 0 | date: 2014-04-08) ... sl&x=0&y=0

Code: Select all

# equo update --force

Code: Select all

# equo i openssl
PS : all servers (goole,yahoo etc etc ...) must be updated (heartbleed vulnerability) simply updating last openssl version ...
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