GNUTLS - Version 2.12.23 CVE-2014-0092 (PATCH!)

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GNUTLS - Version 2.12.23 CVE-2014-0092 (PATCH!)

Postby winrar » Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:10

Hello All,

After the recent light, I decided to patch my GNUTLS. I presume everyone has the same version, unless a you're on a nightly build and they fixed it already... if not:
Code: Select all
sudo equo install pkg-config
cd ~/Downloads/
tar -xvf gnutls-2.12.23.tar.bz2
cd ~/Downloads/gnutls-2.12.23/lib/x509
cp verify.c verify.OLD
wget -O verify.patch
patch verify.c < verify.patch
cd ~/Downloads/gnutls-2.12.23
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make
sudo make install

And... You should be done like dinner. :D

Same old disclaimer, it might break something, it might not. I used the patch that the Author wrote, so if it does break, blame him!!!

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Re: GNUTLS - Version 2.12.23 CVE-2014-0092 (PATCH!)

Postby Cb7 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 18:45

Sorrry, but I kinda can't get out of impression, that you just have wasted your time.

I do not know about sabayon-weekly repo, but for there was quick update to net-libs/gnutls package in the middle of the week.

My guess is that if you weren't so quick to just do it by yourself, you would have noticed that.. or maybe not.
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Kind regards
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