Adding a printer over a network using Samba

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Adding a printer over a network using Samba

Post by jasohall » Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:03

I'm currently trying to solve my issues with adding network printers over Samba in Sabayon and just wanted a place to put what I've found so far. Sure you can add a printer manually in cups using the ip address of the printer, but who wants to do that? I use the gnome 3 and lxde wms depending on how I feel on a certain day. Gnome comes with a printer application under system settings. When you try to add a printer over the network with Samba, you are greeted with this fun little message:

"FirewallD is not running. Network printer detection needs services mdns, ipp, ipp-client and samba-client enabled on firewall."

A little research and I found out that firewalld is a fedora program and lots of other people are having the same problem. Basically it sounds like something gnome needs to fix. Moving on I tried system-config-printer-gnome which is in the repo. This time, the button was greyed out with the message "Browsing not available (pysmbc not installed)". Fun.

I currently have a bug report open for this issue at Hopefully once pysmbc is added I can finally add my network printers without wanting to stab things! I'll post an update once it's done.

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Re: Adding a printer over a network using Samba

Post by TheOneLaw » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:34

it needs python-smbc.

You can get some source code here: ... 3-0ubuntu5

I opened the code hoping to install it on my system but no joy yet

I guess all this does is graft system-config-printers onto samba
too bad there are no other samba printer-share browsers out there

ahh well

EDIT - I now see shat you are referring to - pysmbc

if I could bring myself to try playing with ... .13.ebuild


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