Just great!

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Just great!

Post by jagannath79 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:54

Hi Guys, and girls

I m a new Sabayon user, but have experience with Linux in general over a few month now.
It all happened in China. Went there for 3 month to work.
Before, i reinstalled my windows, i like to have a lean system. And all of us know, you go online with windows for
a while, and it gets SLOW, HEAVY....simply not useable.
So i prepared my Laptop for my trip, installed everything, drivers, codecs, software (mainly open source)....
BUT.....i forgot to activate my legal copy.
So arriving in China, windows told me i have to activate.....which i tried.
Unfortunately, i wasn't in the right place of the world. My key wasn't meant to be activated from china.
So i thought i would write a mail to microsoft support to fix this......and ASTONISHING.....even to contact the
support already would have cost me money.
I was soooo angry, and so disappointed. It was a bloody legal copy.
So, i decided its time to say goodbye. Anyways, at a certain point windows 7 will get old, and i really dont like the idea
to use a MICROSOFT account. I mean....that i have to use it, and let them know everything about me.

So, i decided....after a few years, i give Linux a try again.
First a distri, which i already knew from the past.....ubuntu.
I don't know your appreciation of it. For me..... :cry: .
It's simply too slow accepting my commands. Synaptic crashed more often than software on windows ME. (which is hard to accomplish). And i was using the LTS....the STABLE version.
So i tried Mint. Was much much better. But still slow and slughish. You double click a program, and nothing happened.
And after you double clicked a few times, and start considering a restart......5 windows open st the same time.
Skype is already preinstalled (i NEED it, i travel too much so i can avoid using it), but even after fixing the sample rate issue ..... it crashed crashed crashed. (ok ok, its microsoft) :D
I stayed with Mint for over 2 month. Basically till i left China. Came home, and quite frustrated i fixed my windows.
But somehow....i didnt want to give up on Linux.
So i gave opensuse a try. Which was fast, and quite stable. But even there, skype didnt work stable at all. (and fixing the sample rate again, with a different approach).
So i went to fedora. (basically identically to opensuse, only that it crashed more often, and i constantly had dependency issues).
So a friend of mine reckommended me CentOS or Scientific Linux, enthusiastic about being fast and stable.
And right he was. It came nearly naked, nothing preinstalled. And i handled to add repositories (stable), installed codecs, the software i need (nearly everything). And after a few weeks, the first update problems. Dependency issues, due to the use of different versions in different repositories. (which i could somehow understand, and fix with priorities, but not everything got fixed)
Getting to know more about Linux in gerneral, i somehow found out about Gentoo. That its maybe the most advanced, but also the hardest to use Linux.
And reading about it,i found out about sabayon. The out of the box version of Gentoo.
So, lets give it a try and write a Live USB stick.
WOOOOW, it was basically love from the first boot.
I installed skype, if i get it to work at all .... and FREAKSHOW. It worked PERFECT.
No need to adjust the sampling rate, no need for frustration......it simply WORKED.
Even running it a day or 2 from the stick (despite the booting time of course) Sabayon was extremely fast and precise.
Every mouseclick, and INSTANT reaction. (not so in ubuntu or Mint).
Software repositories are rich, and no dependency issues so far.
So, let's install it. Anaconda i already knew from CentOS, and was easy cheesy.
And since more than 10 days....i REALLY enjoy Linux. No BIG side effect so far.

Only things that leave room for improvement (or maybe i simply don't understand why it's like this).

- the bootup time from zero is quite long, compared to other Linux distris.
- the update time is outwhooping. My first update took me around 3 hourse. And i just downloaded the up to date iso, wrote it to a stick, and 2 days later installed it. (could it be that this is because the installer is compiling?)
- Today i tried to find a way to install the CAD program draftsight, and the first time i ever faced any difficulties in Sabayon so far. Which is logic, as 3DS doesn't offer the source code, but only the deb and rpm files.
What i was a bit disappointed about though..... all the search entries in the forum here regarding draftsight installation.....ALL IN ITALIAN.

Nevertheless guys. The Sabayon team has done an amazing job. They've created by far the most user friendly
system that is out so far. (at least for my Laptop, which is a 3-4 year old Lenovo Thinkpad 15 with a older gen. i5 quad core)
So, not very exotic hardware. But other distris had their problems with it still.
Guess finally i found my system of choice: Sabayon/Gentoo.
A little frustrating is, that many of the commands i got familiar with already, i can't use at the gentoo base.
But that's a price i m willing to pay, to start all over again.

Ok. Enough of stories of success and charming the team here :D
I still have a few questions, which i will post in the according section of the forum.

But so far.
Do you guys have good links and advices which a moderate linux user, and a Sabayon newbie should know.
I love to read, but dont like wasting my time. So maybe you can reckommend me good pages, where info
is setup for easy digestion. Maybe also some youtube links about Linux/gentoo/sabayon.
Good links to get started. Helpful tools so on, so on.

I would really like to get deeper into Gentoo/Sabayon. And what i've seen so far, really encouraged me to keep going.

Again, many thanks to the Sabayon team.
And thanks for reading!


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Re: Just great!

Post by wolfden » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:44

Visit the gentoo and sabayon wikis, can always pick up good pointers or tips from them. Gentoo handbook is good reading too.

Long boot time? It is fast for me. I remember back when we use to have music playing while it booted, that would never work now as it would be fully booted before song could get started.

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Re: Just great!

Post by svantoviit » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:03

My first update took me around 3 hourse. And i just downloaded the up to date iso, wrote it to a stick, and 2 days later installed it. (could it be that this is because the installer is compiling?)
Sabayon is a rolling distro, so the amount of updates can be very high compared to other distros. As you installed DAILY you are using the main repository (sabayonlinux.org) which gets updates actually all the time.

The long time may be also the result of using a slow download mirror. Be sure to sort the mirrors - the DL speed gets much better (you can accomplish it using Rigo or on the CLI by equo repo mirrorsort sabayonlinux.org).

Third think: Sabayon is a binary distro in contrary to Gentoo so the installer (Entropy) is not compiling!

And a last think: You should definitely dig into the Sabayon Wiki ;)

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Re: Just great!

Post by sqlpython » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:02

Ahh yes, yours is a familiar saga in the Linux world.
Welcome aboard!

As has already but point out before my post
This is a rolling release so lots of Updates as you keep receiving the latest toys.
Dig into the Wiki and you will be more In Control as well as more satisfied with your Install.
Regarding the boot time.. these days with systemd the installs are quite quick.. I too remember the music on boot as entertainment to distract.. :D

As a 20 year Linux user, I continue to use Sabayon because it is that good. Having said that I do continue to Experiment and install other Linuxes on alternative partitions. In the end I am still here ... :wink:
Criticism accepted for Solutions that work. ;^)
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