Blackscreen due to dual gpu

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Blackscreen due to dual gpu

Post by Vatsal » Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:29

I use this laptop ... on-15-3521 with AMD 7670m. i have a dual graphics (intel hd 4000+ amd 7670). when i make a bootable pendrive of sabayon and boot it i get the grub of sabayon when i choose to boot into live session i get a blackscreen endlessly. the only solution is to power off laptop long pressing power off button. if i do this and again try booting via pendrive and install it still i get a blackscreen after instaling. this issue is probably due to my dual gpu. i am trying to disable one of the gpu yet in vain because bios wont let me do it (there is no such option). i even called dell and inquired about it they say that is is not possible in new laptops. how do i install and get sabayon to work? :cry: i have tried nosetmode too but still blackscreen
P.S. I have faced this issue with all distros except ubuntu, mint, debian. is there any solution out there? i really want to install this distro. please help. Thanks a lot in advance

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Re: Blackscreen due to dual gpu

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Tue Dec 31, 2013 13:12

Vatsal wrote:i have tried nosetmode too
It's 'nomodeset', not 'nosetmode', so try the correct parameter if you have not done so already:

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As you have both an AMD and an Intel GPU, you could also try booting the LivePenDrive by trying the following kernel boot parameters, one by one, to see what happens:

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Another thing to try is given in the post: Re: Sabayon on dell inspiron 17, ATI/INTEL issue. There are a few other threads about dual ATI-Intel GPUs in these forums, so have a search in case there is anything useful.

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