systemd boot password prompt for mounting LUKS

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systemd boot password prompt for mounting LUKS

Post by mkauzlar » Fri Dec 13, 2013 14:37

I have the home partition encrypted.
When I boot without graphical boot then at the moment when the prompt appears the whole screen image is garbled. I can still blindly enter the password and it boots fine.
When booting in console mode, due to the concurrent nature of a systemd boot, the password prompt is often inter-mangled with other boot messages. I try to enter it several times but often the boot or prompt overrides with other stuff. After a while I'm able to somehow enter it successfully.
I suppose the system should offer a steady prompt for password and get the password input from it.
The overall boot process is now very slow as it takes me 5 min to be able to login to home.
This is Sabayon 13.08

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Re: systemd boot password prompt for mounting LUKS

Post by deadDrift » Fri Dec 13, 2013 23:49

I'm having a similar behavior when booting to the kdm login screen. During the boot messages, the prompt to enter the passphrase displays but the boot messages keep going. I just start entering the passphrase, ignoring any more boot messages, and when I hit enter at the end of the passphrase. It displays the 'health report' on the encrypted partition (/home) and finishes booting to the login screen like before. My boot times are no longer than before the change to systemd.

I'm on a dual boot system with Win7 and up to date SL on the weekly repository.
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Re: systemd boot password prompt for mounting LUKS

Post by tomekwalowski » Wed Jan 22, 2014 23:10

My problem is simmlar too. When Sabayon booting i see login screen - but when I type password - nothing happen.
Few times i try to this. I found small solution. When I see login screen and press alt+ins - then I see this same but in console mode - when I type password - everything go well. I found in log files something like that:
[1;31mFAILED[0m] Failed to start Cryptography Setup for luks-d8f077b2-d8c1-46f2-8e78-6305d259e1ab.
See 'systemctl status [email protected]\x2dd8f077b2\x2dd8c1\x2d46f2\x2d8e78\x2d6305d259e1ab.service' for details.
Any solution?

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