Kernel panic for monthly 13.12 and daily

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Kernel panic for monthly 13.12 and daily

Post by Cb7 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 14:18

Kernel panics when trying to run ISOs under KVM.
x86_64, so far I've tried only monthly 13.12 KDE and daily 01-Dec-2013 12:12 Xfce.

Both of those have sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.12.1
I've experienced exactly the same problem with this kernel on my system after update.
Image ... :02:17.png

Can newer daily and monthly ISO versions be pushed with working kernel soon?
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Re: Kernel panic for monthly 13.12 and daily

Post by lxnay » Mon Dec 02, 2013 20:23

I will have a look, thanks.
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