New install of theme question

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New install of theme question

Post by kensum » Sun Nov 03, 2013 19:33

Just installed sabayon 13.10 gnome3. Updated.
1. Using gnome tweak, the tab theme has shell theme disabled and I can't figure out how to enable this.
2. Under the theme tab, GTK+ settings only list a couple of themes yet when I looked in user/share/themes there are many installed.

so the first thing is to get the shell theme enabled. Then maybe the rest will work. By the way is it ok to download themes and the extract them in the user/share/themes folder as in other distros to install them. thanks

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Re: New install of theme question

Post by spikeyb » Thu Nov 07, 2013 21:33

In tweak tool, go to Shell extensions and switch on "User themes"

If user themes is greyed out then follow instructions below which I found somewhere on web a while ago:

If you look in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions There are directories for your extensions. In each of the folders under the extensions folder, there will be a metadata.json file

There will be a line in that file that has "shell-version": [ "3.1" ],

Just change the version to 3.2 (or whatever version of gnome you are on) and then restart gnome-shell and see if your extension works.

Hope that works for you.

Normally you extract Gtk themes into .themes in your home directory

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