Boot issues with lightdm.service since last week's update

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Boot issues with lightdm.service since last week's update

Post by lucsampaio » Sun Oct 20, 2013 19:07


I've been having issues during boot sionce last week's update. The computer will start, load GRUB and un;ess I get into advanced options for sabayon and then choose the third entry in GRUB (which is something akin to Sabayon 10.10, forgot to take proper note of it, agains the default that reads something like 10.11, IIRC), the screen will freeze while black after sending the following error messages:

"Unit lightdm.service entered failed state" and "lightdm.service request repeated too quickly, refusing to start"

Checking here in the forums I found a suggestion to run both
# equo deptest

which came out just fine, and

#equo libtest

which returned a list of werid entries with all kinds of filenames that is actually bigger than the terminal can display (if scrolled to the top, the command is no longer visible, and the list is all one can peek at, or at least part of it), as well as a prompt for me to send or not the error messages to devs.

I did send the report to devs, explaining what I was doing and whatnot, but I wonder if there is something I can do to solve this myself, without the need to wait until the big guys can check on my little error report, and save them the trouble.


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