PXE Boot Sabayon 2013

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PXE Boot Sabayon 2013

Postby hoosierpeschke » Tue Jul 23, 2013 23:42

Howdy all,

I have 10 computers at home running Sabayon and I have spent the past couple of weeks really digging in to molecule and custom configurations which has been pretty awesome to say the least. As a perpetual breaker of systems, I reload more often than is necessary but I like to break and try to fix things.

A side project has been trying to PXE boot a Sabayon Live CD (KDE, but fundamentally any disc should work). Systemd has enticed me and it (more accurately, my ignorance) is causing issues.

Trials and Tribulations:
Using any documentation I could find, I managed to get the DVD kernel to boot with the command line:
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LABEL sabayon64kde
        menu label ^Start Sabayon KDE x64
        kernel /sabayon/x64/kde/boot/sabayon
        append root=/dev/ram0 initrd=/sabayon/x64/kde/boot/sabayon.igz aufs init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs max_loop=64 loop=/livecd.squashfs real_root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= cdroot gentoo=nonm splash vga=791 console=tty1 quiet lang=en_US scandelay=3 --

The DVD kernel would not mount the nfsroot (Protocol Not Supported). I fired up genkernel-next with the following script:
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equo i genkernel-next sabayon-sources v86d

WDIR=`which $0`
WDIR=`dirname ${WDIR}`
echo ${WDIR}

GEN_OPTS="--menuconfig --no-clean --no-install --disklabel"
MISC_OPTS="--splash --all-ramdisk-modules"
INIT_OPTS="--plymouth --plymouth-theme=solar"
FS_OPTS="--lvm --mdadm --no-zfs"

genkernel ${GEN_OPTS} ${CONF_OPTS} ${MISC_OPTS} ${INIT_OPTS} ${FS_OPTS} all

In the menuconfig, I built-in all NFS client modules. Success, it would begin booting into the squashfs image until NetworkManager starts, which disconnects udhcp and disrupts the NFS pipeline, freezing the system.

Under sysvinit, the kernel command line argument "gentoo=nonm" was supposed to disable NetworkManger (I think) based on some old documentation.

So, as I continue to work on this because I want this to work, I am hoping someone may have experience with PXE booting a live DVD and can point me in the right direction.

Once complete I will document and submit a HowTo as I can imagine this type of booting would benefit many of us. Thanks!
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Re: PXE Boot Sabayon 2013

Postby hoosierpeschke » Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:55

After on and off playing to get something to work, I've managed to PXE boot the Sabayon XFCE image (15.03). I still have some work to do figuring things out and properly documenting but since that all takes time here's the Cliff's Notes version so anyone else who would like to, can.

I used genkernel to build a kernel of the same version as the disk (needed to use the existing initramfs (sabayon.igz). I followed the Gentoo guide adding the built-in functions: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Genkernel#Network_booting.

Assuming you have DHCP/TFTP/SYSLINUX setup (guide found here: http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php/PXELINUX), I added the following line to my "default" file (modified)
Code: Select all
LABEL sabayon64xfce
    menu label ^Start Sabayon XFCE x64
    kernel <path>/<to>/<tftp>/sabayon
    append initrd=<path>/<to>/<tftp>/sabayon.igz cdroot real_root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=<ip>:/<path>/<to>/<nfs> vga=791 scandelay=3 --

The kernel (named sabayon), initramfs (named sabayon.igz), and livecd.squashfs are all in the same tftp/nfs share folder.

So far I can boot and access programs as it boots into the GUI but the installer fails to run. It does take time as it seems some files from the squashfs are copied to RAM (which may be problematic) but further investigation is needed.
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