Installing TLP and Eclipse on Sabyon

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Installing TLP and Eclipse on Sabyon

Postby 2nd_Street » Sun Jul 21, 2013 18:39

Hello Community :)

As you all can see this is my very first post in this forum ^^ but not only that, its my first day with Sabayon and I already have a question :oops: well, I managed to get nearly everything to work except for 2 things:

I want to install Eclipse for programming reasons. Eclipse is not in the sabayon repos. So I searched the web and came across gentoo specific solutions, namely: using java overlay. Since I do not really know how to use those and if they badly interact with entropy, I thought Id ask it here first: How can I install Eclipse (well, in another way: is there a solution without downloading it from the official eclipse page)?

My second question is about TLP: That super power controlling tool for all laptops (and especially thinkpads).
I cant find a way to install this package. Its not in the sabayon repos and on the TLP wiki there is a link to the german gentoo wiki where supposedly the information should be, but that wiki seams to be down :/

So again: How can I install TLP?

Besides these issues I have managed to get everything to work so far :) and so far, I am very happy with this distro...

Best regards :)
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Re: Installing TLP and Eclipse on Sabyon

Postby dave_64 » Sun Jul 21, 2013 23:29

You might consider a "request" for the package. But, you can install using gentoo's package manager (portage). However, there is a procedure to follow if you plan to keep your option to use sabayon's package manager (entropy), available to you in the future. Basically, you would do a dependency check on the target package (from portage), and install any and all dependencies, if possible, via entropy. The dependencies that are not available in sabayon's repositories, will be installed when you "emerge" the target package via portage.
I'm not sure how to setup your portage package manger. I think you start with:
emerge sync
Then you need to add the overlay, and I'm not sure what the command would be for that.
You might have to run the sync command again after adding the overlay.
Then you should be able to check dependencies:
emerge targetpackage --pretend
This is not intended to be a "how to", but hopefully, it will give you a starting point.
By the way, installing from a package on the Eclipse web site, would be the least good option. Request for the package would be the best option.
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