is systemd always faster?

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is systemd always faster?

Post by bennypr0fane » Sun May 12, 2013 14:35

I'm new to Sabayon, and it's the first distro I've come across that uses systemd.
I'm not fond of my (openrc) boot time atm, because it's pretty much the same as what I'm used to from any other distro - I guess I was expecting more from the famed gentoo code base 8)
So supposedly systemd is going to scratch that itch. How come this guy boots faster with openrc? ... rspective/
He must have some exotic kind of system configuration? Or else, what makes us say systemd will generally be faster?

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Re: is systemd always faster?

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sun May 12, 2013 18:30

On the 2009 Acer Aspire 5536-643G25Mn laptop I'm typing this on (click on the relevant link in my signature to see the full spec. of this and my other machines), the times to boot from the GRUB 2 menu to the DM login screen for a fully-updated 64-bit SL Xfce installation are as follows:

Code: Select all

OpenRC with rc_parallel="NO"   33 seconds
OpenRC with rc_parallel="YES"  31 seconds
systemd                        29 seconds
I expect the differences between OpenRC and systemd would not be dramatically different on any of my machines. Anyway, I'm not bothered about saving a few seconds in boot time on my machines (and I don't reboot often either). OpenRC works fine on all my machines, I know how to use it, and I do not particularly want to have to learn how to use another init system when what I use now works perfectly well for my purposes. Each to his own, as the saying goes.

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Re: is systemd always faster?

Post by albfneto » Sun May 12, 2013 18:48

in both of my two comps. it is faster, "1/2 of the time".
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Re: is systemd always faster?

Post by lxnay » Sun May 12, 2013 22:14

The speed improvements heavily depend on the CPU and I/O subsystem.
In particular, systemd is able to leverage multi-core CPUs much better (because it spawns services in parallel). Spawning services in parallel also puts more pressure on the I/O subsystem, which means that if you have faster I/O (like with SSDs), the speed boost compared to OpenRC becomes quite relevant.

Hope this clarifies the situation.
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Re: is systemd always faster?

Post by anomaly65 » Mon May 13, 2013 22:45

I would say that an SSD as the OS/boot drive would show a much larger difference in boot times, and definitely in application load times.

The Seagate Momentus hybrid drive (4-8Gigs of flash on hard drive controller; other vendors are soon to be selling similar products) works quite well and in my case, cut my laptop boot time by well more than half yet still have large capacity with a significantly lower cost than a Solid State Drive. The SSD's have a long way to in reliable recovery in comparison as well (recent study showed catastrophic SSD data corruption simply from power interruptions as compared to mechanical drives).

As such, I'm not in a huge rush to switch to systemd, but understand why the migration will eventually take place :D

Good luck!
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